Massachusetts Driving Law and Speeding Tickets

A traffic ticket will increase your insurance rates and may result in a license suspension, a straight speeding ticket will typically cost you about $1000 in increased insurance costs. Three offenses in one year may result in a suspension, or in some cases the police may move for immediate revocation.

The state dictates a schedule of points associated with each type of traffic offense. Each point results in an approximately 5-7% per year insurance surcharge for 5 or 6 years. Major offenses are reckless driving, operating to endanger, OUI (drunk driving), leaving the scene of an accident, hit-and-run, operating after suspension or revocation, and refusing to stop for an officer. They are five points. Other offenses include speeding, expired registration, expired inspection sticker, leaving the keys in a parked vehicle, and many more. These are two points.

You may have a attorney represent you at the magistrate hearing or trial. Our attorneys handle all driving law offenses, drivers' license appeals and speeding tickets in Massachusetts.

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