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Our Attorneys Handle All Criminal Offenses in Massachusetts

Sex Crimes and Related Offenses
Indecent Exposure
Child Molestation
Sexual Assault
Sex with a Minor
Date Rape
Possession of Child Pornography

State and Federal White Collar Crimes
Bank fraud
Credit card fraud
Health care fraud
Mail & wire fraud
Insurance fraud

Violent Major Crimes
Armed robbery

Motor Vehicle Cases
Drunk Driving
Operating to Endanger
Speeding tickets
Suspended license

State and Federal Drug Cases
Possession, sale and drug trafficking.
Civil forfeiture issues
Marijuana, Ecstasy, Cocaine

All Other Crimes
Theft and Shoplifting
Assault and Battery
Domestic violence

What to do if you are Arrested
Your Rights and an Overview of the Massachusetts Criminal Process:

Arraignment and Pretrial
Deciding the Charges and Preliminary Hearing

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